Tulip Bead Cap - Raw Brass 4pcs

Tulip Bead Cap - Raw Brass 4pcs

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Tulip Bead Cap | Naked Brass | 4 bead caps

The amazing transformational bead cap…one in a series…

It's a cap, wait-it's a flower! These lovely floral bead caps can be shaped and made into something else-so it's almost like a two for one sale. You can ever-so-gently pry the petals back and use them as a focal piece, or dome them for yet another look. Most of the texture is on the outside, so keep that in mind as you bend them out of shape and into another beautiful one!


These amazing charms are stamped from solid brass here in the U.S.A. The designs are original, and in some cases, they are made from vintage hubs and are hand tooled individually to perfect their duplication.

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