Large Hole Pearls Are Perfect For Knotting On Leather

Posted by Cynthia on 7/29/2016 to Beading Projects and Ideas

Mixing pearls, leather and a bit of crystal, this necklace has a grown-up, earthy feel that is pure California momma. The knotted tail ends can be worn in the back, but we love them in the front so that the button shows. Wear this necklace with a nubby cotton sweater and some yoga pants to pick up your veggies at the farmer’s market.  

Instructions make a 16-17 inch necklace, but you can easily modify this to make a bracelet or a longer wrap style.


34 large-hole pearls

1 button

3 yards of leather cording or temple knotting cord

1.Create a knotted loop in the center of the length of leather. Fit the loop over the button. It should attach snugly, leather stretches as you wear it so it is best to start with the loop a bit tight.

2. Set two pearls aside for the tails. Feed a pearl onto the leather and create a knot right after the pearl. Continue knotting pearls along the leather until you have tied all the pearls along the length of the leather. Feed the button onto one strand of the leather and create a knot after the button. Tie both pearls along the tail ends at the desired length and trim. 

3.Stretch the necklace to ‘set’ the knots. The leather will continue pull and loosen up a bit with wear.

Click here for printable instructions with how-to photos!

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