15° Fr. Tr Rbow Dk Amber 7gm

15° Fr. Tr Rbow Dk Amber 7gm

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Toho glass beads are manufactured to the very highest standards in the world. Their exceptionally large interior-diameter holes make them ideal for use in bead weaving and bead stringing projects. With a lighter weight, you get more beads per gram, lighter weight jewelry and crafts and more needle passes with every weave.

We are proud to offer an excellent selection of Toho beads, along with our other Czech glass seed beads.

Toho seed bead sizing-

Remember-the larger the number, the smaller the bead! A 15-0 bead is smaller than an 8-0 bead, which is smaller than a 6-0 bead.

How to select a needle for your beadwork-

It is usually best to use the largest needle that will fit through your beads. The larger needle is easier to hold and will last longer, not bending or curving with use as quickly as a thinner needle.

You can match your beading needle to your beads by remembering that a size 15 needle will always work with a size 15-0 or larger bead. A size 10 needle will always work with a size 10-0 or larger bead. Because Toho beads have larger holes, you may often find that you can 'get away' with a needle that is a bit bigger. We can often get a size 13 needle through our 15-0 Toho beads.

All Toho glass beads are manufactured in by the Toho Company, located in Hiroshima, Japan. The Toho company is family owned and creates beads, buttons and adornments to the very highest manufacturing standards.

Picture of seed beads may be slightly different than actual beads, due to variation in computer screen quality and settings.

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